Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Breaking Bad...Not Bad At All

A high school chemistry teacher dying from lung cancer decides to break from society’s rules and decides to make the best of his nearing death by cooking crystal meth with a failed student, Jesse. With a wife getting ready to have their second child and their son disabled with MS Walt has many responsibilities and has so far in life been able to keep a mediocre level control. Upon learning of his cancer Walt ponders his options, not wanting to be a burden on his family he at first does not tell them about his cancer in hopes that he will be able to take full advantage of concrete amount of time in which he can cook crystal meth and make enough money to take care of his family after he is gone. This twisted version of the American Dream, carving out his own path in the world gaining power and money, and prestige Walt now in his mid 50’s is able to do what most people really want… take the things that the law and social ritual deem wrong. What is the point of following the law of the land if you are only going to be living there for short amount of time and will never feel the repercussions of your actions? That’s taste that Breaking Bad leaves in your mouth a kind of misanthropic version of the American Dream, where the means to bring you to your goal are inconsequential since the consequences have no hold over you. Partnering up with Jesse allows Walt to acquire the connection to the subculture of his surrounding city, with his unmatched ability to cook crystal meth Walt’s product is soon sot after be anyone with a pipe and a taste for meth. The strange student teacher relationship that forms between the two is the driving force of the show it has allowed for some of the more exiting dialogue. Walt scolding Jesse for being the crack smoking whore banging screw-up that he is almost always accompanied by a failure on Walt’s part to execute one of his well thought out yet poorly executed plans. Definitely a show to watch.

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