Friday, May 29, 2009

Why the New Buffy Movie Is a Bad Idea

It was recently announced that a new Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie is in the works. For Buffy fans, this news is bitter sweet. The new movie is rumored to be a revamp (pardon the pun) that will not feature the original cast of TV series, the mythology or many of the beloved characters. Most alarming of all even the great Joss Whedon has been cut out. Reasons why it should not happen:


1. There is no Buffy without Whedon. The original Buffy movie wasn’t very good, mainly because Whedon did not have creative control over his own brainchild. It was a campy movie that written by Whedon but created by people who did not understand the concept. It survived as a campy movie but not much else. That is until the story was retaken by Whedon and turned into a series. The Buffy movie’s only high points were found in Whedon’s writing and wit.

2.The cast can still do it. It is only necessary to change the cast when the originals are too old or don’t look the part anymore, but the series didn’t end that long ago and the actors still look pretty much the same.

3. A solid franchise does not need a revamp. Franchises like the James Bond Movies and Batman only needed revamps because they lost their audience and built a bad mythology that needed to be forgotten. The Buffy universe set by the TV series, which still continues in a comic book series, is still liked by Buffy fans. The only reason the prospect of a Buffy movie is possible is due to the outcry of the fans that want to see Whedon and the original cast again. A revamp seems contradictory and more like a money grab by a movie studio in dyer need of innovative ideas, and not having the talent to come up with their own. Bam! You’ve got yourself a Buffy Movie.

That’s it for the cons, but tune in tomorrow for the pros list that will probably offend the hard core Buffy fans

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