Saturday, May 30, 2009

Why the New Buffy Movie Is a Good Idea

This is a continuation for yesterdays post on the pros/cons of making another Buffy movie. In an attempt to be objective we have come up with a list pointing out the best of the new movie's concept. So, here are the pros...

1. It will be popular. Whether Buffy fans want it or not doesn’t matter. Even though the need for a Buffy movie developed outside of TV series mythos still has momentum, one that does not will still be watched by all of the series fans anyway. They talk about a new movie like it is the Antichrist but that is just inciting others to see it through…all the talking, and then the idea of a new movie without the cast grows in popularity. And really for all the hard core fans talk, they are the ones who will be first in line at the movies for this ‘hated’ revamp, at the very least they will be there out of curiosity.

2.Joss Whedon lost his mojo. Now it is a little known fact that Joss Whedon runs on a magical juice that flows through him to produce witty dialogue that is simply so good that it’s unholy. If you keep that mojo pumping, his work is great. But it seems that he’s finally lost it. If anyone has seen Dollhouse, they can see that his work just isn’t as fresh, isn’t as entertaining, and isn’t very witty. It seems that he just got old and lost that inspiration that so many writer/directors have lost from too many years in Hollywood. Think of Oliver Stone, he was amazing in his prime, but now…did you see W. or Alexander? They were both uninspired and dull, lacking any and all edge. Oliver lost it; he sold out; he got old. Now I don’t think this is the same thing that happened to Whedon. It is more likely that the FOX executives, being the minions of evil that they are, have stolen his creative mojo juice. Because I find that easier to believe than the idea of him selling out or get old. That being said, the loss of Whedon in the new Buffy movie may not be so bad. Damn you FOX minions!!

3.If you want to see Buffy continue at all, this is the only chance. Revamping the Buffy universe in movie form is the only way it can continue…beyond comic books.

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