Monday, June 29, 2009

Hung: What Is YOUR “Tool” For Success?

The new HBO show Hung recently aired its pilot. You have to say one thing about the people at HBO, they know how to make a touchy subject like the Iraq war, racism and in this case man whoring, honest and entertaining. That is what you get in this new dramedy set in one of the hardest hit areas, economically speaking, in the U.S. namely, Detroit Michigan. The story is centered round a high school teacher; he is really the schools head coach. He, like many these days, is finding it hard to keep his head above water when it comes to the bills, to make matters worse he is recently divorced and has had to move into his parents house, which before his divorce was rented out as a second source of income. Living there with his two children the coach got by, that is until his last refuge, this little cottage of a house, burns to the grown. And since money has been tight he was late on the insurance payment, so, he is double screwed. Not being able to even provide a roof for his children’s heads anymore, his kids decide that they would rather live with mom. What is this poor guy supposed to do? Living out of a tent in the back yard of the chard remains of his childhood home, he actually starts to take part in those ridiculous money making seminars. But it is through these seminars that our protagonist “finds his tool for success”… in his pants. You see, on any other network a man in the same situation would find another way to make some money on the side, anything else. Not so with HBO… that could be their motto, it rhymes and everything. No, the coach realizes that his big dick is in fact his TOOL for success and puts it out there on… where else Craigslist. This show has stumbled upon an untapped resource big dick equity, it is pretty much a safety net for the midnight cowboy in every man, a last stitch act of bravado before entering the poor house. The show has heart and though the content may suggest otherwise, it is not too explicit… at least the pilot wasn’t. Definitely check this show out, who knows maybe you may pick up some notes if you too have to fall back on your big dick equity. This is a great show

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