Sunday, June 14, 2009

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - Why It Was Good & Why It Was Bad

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles takes place a few years after T2 was set. Sarah and John Connor are living a normal life keeping under the radar of any possibly killer robots. The Connor’s life is once again upended on account of an attack on the Messiah of the future John, while is at high school. Not to worry though the future of the human race is not ended yet again as a new type of terminator comes into place as a sort of replacement for good old Arnold in the form a of young woman played by firefly’s Summer Glau. In order to escape the ever pursuing and attacking Terminator both mother and son along with girl-bot find and use a time machine hidden within the safe of a bank and travel back to the future… no to our present and the characters future.
Sounds exiting right? Well as fast as the excitement came it ended. Both of the two seasons made are only lightly peppered with entertaining content. The part of the show which makes it worth the watch are those little throwbacks to the films (the first two not the third), such as exposed metal skeletons, truck chases, and a few really obvious attempts at benefited, straight from the movies elements. If you choose, you can watch out for them yourselves. This show is more for diehard fans of the Terminator movies, but let that be an excuse to watch the movies as a kind of pre gaming for the TV show.

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Anonymous said...

I believe this show was the best show period. It gave a new dimension to the terminator series which is not possible to put into the movie. Although the movies were good, it was only the action which was entertainment. This series provides a much better, more creative aspect complementing the movies. If this show was watched from beginning to end the value and originality of the series can be seen. I also believe that fox canceled the series at the wrong time as it was exponentially getting more exciting and the second left off at a heightened point. I know if the show was continued, the amount of viewers would have skyrocketed (which is what fox wanted) & as a result of the series getting even more exciting than before.