Thursday, July 9, 2009

First Impressions of Warehouse 13

Eureka meets X-Files meets that warehouse from Raiders Of The Lost Ark meets ghost busters, that is the feeling you get from the new show Warehouse 13. The sci-fi channel’s newest offering is a montage of shows and movies past, honoring them all. The instant chemistry that the staring duo share is an unmistakable Mulder and Scully clone, or if you want to be more current Pacy and Dunhum (Fringe). The female side of things put both agent Scully and Dunhum to shame, as agent Myka is extremely good looking, better than the other two combined. The people at sci-fi know how to find a looker, if for any reason at all one should watch this show to see this actress. I can’t even tell if she is a good actress or not since I was so inundated with her looks…. but I digress. The basic plot of the pilot episode is two secret agents, one detail oriented, the other more of a goes-with-his-gut-type, after a supernaturally induced presidential assassination attempt, ending in a kind of ghost busters moment where the supernaturally charged object is sucked into a purple goo that deactivates mystical objects. This is a sci-fi show with some promises for fun. If any of us remember the first season of Eureka and the promise it held then you will understand the reluctance one might have in fully backing this latest attempted at a family friendly sci-fi show. Eureka lost a lot of its charm once it became a kind of Speed Stick side show and pretty well forgot all of its lofty introductory ideas from the first season… it became a fluff of fluff shows, not serious enough to be liked by the hard core nerds and not topical enough to be liked by the general public. It was the bastard child of the sci-fi channel; hopefully they will do something with it this season, but back to Warehouse 13. Warehouse 13 is a very promising show with a successful dynamic already chosen i.e. Mulder and Scully, and a premises that is brimming with possibilities, a warehouse full of mysteries of the past, come on that is great, the weapon that killed J.F.K. the first true atom bomb… the one built by Jefferson (kidding). But you can see the possibilities, let’s hope that the executives at the show can see that too and let us as the viewers enjoy the antics that ensue. Check out Warehouse 13.

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