Monday, July 6, 2009

True Blood: Good Or Bad

Like most people I had never seen the HBO show True Blood. Well that is not true, last year I watched the pre-air for the show right before it came out (for those who don’t know what a pre-air is, it is an unfinished copy of a new shows pilot released by sneaky people on the internet). Well, what I saw did not impress to say the least, it was silly underwritten and you couldn’t hear what vampire Bill was saying when he had his fake fangs in. It completely turned me off of the show. This is part of what made me so surprised this shows unprecedented success, people were loving it…for some reason. So, I bit the bullet and watched the first season on DVD, and it is the still silly and underwritten show that I saw a year ago, the only improvement is that you can hear what the vampires are saying while they have their fangs in.
That is not to say that the show does not have some redeeming characteristics, it has the weird factor down and is full of fairytale type creature born from HBO writers’ imagination. Unapologetic about the sexual aspect of show, there is no shying away from this subject which is often skirted around on other vampire shows/movies. Anna Paquin is miles away from her sweet little girl films like Fly Away Home as she bares it all on more than one occasion in the shows first season. Biting and sex, go hand in hand when it comes to True Bloods “Fangbangers” i.e. people who have sex with vampires. That is another interesting point to the show they have created many new phrases that are destined to infiltrate our day to day conversations… or wait, how do you slip fangbanger into a conversation… I’m sure someone will make the effort and find a way. As for whether or not this show is good or bad, I think we should put it under the interesting category for now at least.

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