Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fall 2009 New Show Preview

The word is out. Everybody is in agreement on the top new shows of the fall 2009 pilots. But are these shows really worthy of being looked at? What people don’t realize, or maybe they don’t want to, is that hardly any new shows ever survive. Studios are relying on tried and true shows, popular long running series, such as lost and 24. The reason is that there is a drought in regard to both quality shows and viewership. The new show concepts aren’t so good, and the ones that are good don’t get watched, and get canceled. So here are some predictions on these so called best shows. What looks good, and what is going to make the cut?

Modern Family
This mockumentary is a comedy centered on the lives of three eccentric families: a gay family, a straight family, and a multi-cultural family. It has been described as the new Arrested Development, but it seems like an even more short lived comedy. It is somewhat funny, but it will lose your interest due to its slow pace and lack of laugh out loud scenes. It does not look like it will survive one season.

It’s a remake of the 80’s miniseries about aliens who come to earth with the appearance of good intentions but instead plot to eat humans and take the earth’s resources. The concept sounds very promising, very original, but TV shows about aliens coming to earth have a bad track record, especially one’s where the aliens have a mysterious and insidious ulterior motive that characters fight to prove and reveal to the world. Does anyone remember Earth Final Conflict? Not everything can be X-Files. This show seems far too hyped to have any real substance. The hope is that this will turn out to be good show, but it seems like it was made vie for Lost’s position, now entering its final season. You see there is no more good sci-fi now that Battlestar Galactica is gone, and their soon won’t be any mystery/fantasy when Lost ends, and V is going to fill that void. This is why V looks to be a very mediocre show that will get picked up since viewers will probably flock to it when they cannot get their weekly fix.

Vampire Diaries
A story about two vampire brothers who fall in love with the same high school girl and compete for her. It looks to be moderately watchable, yet will be extremely successful. Twilight is a hit of epic proportions, and this show looks like the TV equivalent. Vampires are in this year, and Vampire Diaries will cash in on this. Before Twilight and True blood became popular, the vampire genre was always relegated to the fringe viewer, but it has become much more popular with many other demographics. This will probably be the most successful broadcast television show about vampires.

This is the only show really worth a mention. You think it’s going to be a silly song and dance show, but it’s really a lot than that. Its Freaks and Geeks meets Hamlet II. People will come for the singing, but they will stay for the substance.

Sons of Tucson
Got to love the Sock. Starring the man who played the very memorable Sock from the not so hit TV show Reaper, this show has some talent. But shows about a crazy scenario where some kids pay some guy to act like their dad wears thin too easily. Unless you have the attention span of a goldfish you will get bored of this show within the first season.

It is about a lawyer attending a community college who has always lied and manipulated to succeed in life (which includes forging a fake law degree and pretending to know Spanish to seduce a student looking to pass a Spanish test). That is until he forms a study group of many crazy people, and finds that he can’t succeed in college without the community that is his study group. It is actually a pretty funny show. The comedy is dark and very strange. But it seems like it is the type to be over looked, so it will be cancelled.

Flash Forward
One day, everyone on the planet blacks out for exactly 2 minutes and 17 seconds and sees their futures. After that, a law enforcement agency must find out why this future and why this freak occurrence has happened (or going to happen). This is another show nipping the heels of Lost, but the setting is wrong, and the premise does not make a lot of sense. Everyone has been raving about this show. It is supposed to the new Lost. However, people are only saying this because the pilot looked great, and there is no doubt it looks great. But that was just the pilot. The pilot should be great; it was expensive, had high production value, and did something new and surreal. That is not what the show will be like though. It is a tough show to pull off, and it was only meant to take the spot of Lost. I for one do not believe this will be as great a hit as people think. It will decline in interest over time, and the most it could hope for is a second season and no further. In the worst case, it will not survive the first season.

Past Life
Will survive, but shouldn’t. What a weak concept for a show. This really looks like a bad one. Detectives solve past crimes by extracting information from the reincarnations of the victims. Lame! But this show looks like could get same success as Ghost Whisperer.

Parenthood is a one hour long dramedy about a modern family dealing with modern problems, with funny and dramatic results. This could possibly survive for a while but ultimately never become a hit and then fade out of existence. Oh yes, this will fail, and should fail.

Cougar Town
This is a show brought to us by the creators of Scrubs. The cast is unappealing, and the comedy style of scrubs has gotten tired after eight seasons and shouldn’t continue in a new show. Plus, Courtney Cox is in it, and no person from friends has made a hit show.

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