Sunday, September 13, 2009

Funny Thing About The Cast Of Vampire Diaries... They Likes To Flash

According to the Los Angeles Times, stars of Vampire Diaries were arrested for flashing. It seems that they were flashing motorists from the ledge of an overhead bridge in Forsyth, Georgia. One of the flashers happened to be the lead actress of the show and three others from the supporting cast. Five actresses, four of which were in main cast, and a camera man were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. The alleged report is that motorists called 911 complaining of female flashers once they had gotten an eye full of the cast. When approached by the police, they claimed that they were shooting a promo for the vampire series. The camera man paid a $4,000 fine for the charges.

Speculation on the Flashing:

Why would all of the women from the Vampire Diaries Cast flash their breasts? Is this a calculated move on their part to create buzz around the show or are these girls just looking to have some fun. Maybe, Joe Francis of Girls Gone Wild fame showed up at the set with some t-shirts that “need to be earned”. My point is, does anyone have pictures of this event and could you please send them to me here at Thank you.
No, I am just kidding. In all seriousness everyone loves breasts and these lovely young starlets were just giving the male demographic something to drool over. Think about it, the premises of the show surrounds vampires, diaries and high school, not exactly UFC pay-per-view. So, how would you try and pull in some male viewers to a show aimed at young women. It seems Machiavellian to me.

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