Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sons of Anarchy: Recap of Season 2 Episode 2

After the rape and assault of Gemma by the white supremacists in the previous episode, she is found by the sheriff but refuses to go to a hospital because then people will know what happened to her. Instead they go to Jax’s girl friend for treatment. Back at the SOA club house, passed out members and strippers are strewn about the bar (of course, this is a regular morning). Clay is called by the Mayan leader looking for some guns to take out the One-Niners for killing a member (the one Clay actually had killed), but he refuses because he says there is too much heat from the ATF. You see, Jax posed the body of the Mayans’ murdered man showing the One-Niners sign, instead of the SOA A that was originally carved into the gang members chest by a SOA member looking for some payback. Jax did all of this without the rest of the clubs knowledge or approval. Meanwhile, the sheriff crashing Gemma’s car to help cover up her assault with a car accident. Later as Clay sells some guns to the One-Niners to “mend some fences”, the sheriff tells him of Gemma’s “car accident”, so the entire club heads to the hospital to see her. At the same time, Gemma goes to the hospital under the pretences of bringing Jax’s baby there for tests. The sheriff then tells her about the car crash he staged as a cover up and that the entire club is waiting for her. She tells him that they can never know about what really happened to her because it was only meant to hurt Clay and Jax and will have failed if she keeps it secret.

At the hospital, the sheriff tells the Sons of Anarchy that the ATF raided Luanne’s studio and ceased her assets (she is the local porn producer, wife of a jailed SAMCRO member, and friend to Gemma). Jax goes to handle it while Clay stays with Gemma, and the white supremacists realize that she did not talk when they see Clay playing with the baby at the hospital. Jax finds out that a porn director named Georgie (Tom Arnold) is bullying Luanne’s actors into working for him and stealing her business, so Jax tells him back off or there will be trouble. But Georgie, as an act of defiance against the warning of the SOA, beats up one of Luanne’s girls, so Jax and the gang thrash Georgie and his people with bats until he “convinces” Georgie to back off. SAMCRO then decides to become partners with Luanne: she gets protection from the club and the use of their warehouse as a studio, and they get 50 percent of the business. While Clay is doing a gun drop with the One-Niners, they are ambushed by the Mayans. One member of SAMCRO gets shot in the shoulder and the Mayans get away with the guns. It is revealed to the audience that the Mayans were tipped off by the leader of the white supremacists. Back at the club house, Clay confronts Jax and warns him that he will lose the respect of his peers if he does things for himself instead of the club. It ends with Jax sitting on the roof with his mother, smoking up.

Highlights Of The Episode

War was not waged with the Supremacists. It might have been expect after Gemma was brutally attacked by the White Supremacists that Clay and Jax would retaliate with bloody results. But keeping with the shows character of not being predictable, Gemma stays silent for the good of Clay, Jax, and SAMCRO.

SAMCRO gets into the adult film industry. It seems like the club is going to find new work every episode until the heat from the ATF dies down. The latest just happens to be in the adult film industry. I guess they are trying to class up this show.

The Neo-Nazi’s get hypocritical. Although the Neo-Nazi’s/White Supremacists came to the town and threatened SAMCRO because they wanted to stop them from dealings with the non-white gangs, the leader secretly helped the Mayans steal weapons from the Sons of Anarchy, and seem to have a secret business relationship. Neo-Nazi’s, cant you even stick to your word?
Clay knocks Jax off his high horse. Jax has always seemed like the guy who wants to achieve the ideal of the Sons of Anarchy that the club forgot about. But in his decision to frame the One-Niners for the death of a Mayan member to get back at Clay, Jax actually seems like the petty guy rather than the guy with high ideals. Clay makes the clear cut argument that he always looks out for the well being of the club ahead of himself while Jax did something for the reason of pissing off Clay.

Awesome Quote

Jax holding Georgie down with a bat: “If you so much as send a friendly text to any of Luanne’s girls, your next movie...Conseco does Georgie.”

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