Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sons of Anarchy – Season 2 Plot Developments

The second season of the Sons of Anarchy has begun and it looks to be a good one. Here is a run-through of the latest plot developments seen in the premier episode.

SAMCRO Needs New Work

Because of the developments of last season, mainly the DEA being on their backs, the Sons of Anarchy are forced to change their business from selling guns to running guns. They can no longer buy guns whole sale, assemble them themselves, and sell them in house because the DEA would tale them back to their gun stores. Now they must run guns for their IRA customers to keep the business going.

Clay Frames a Guy and Has Him Killed

In the after math of last season’s accidental murder of Opie’s wife, which was meant to be the assassination of Opie ordered by Clay, which no one knows about except Jax and Opie’s father, Clay allows Opie to kill the man he framed for the murder.

Jax Keeps Clay’s Secret to Save SAMCRO

Jax keeps Clay’s secret and allows Opie to believe he killed his wife’s killer to save SAMCRO and give him peace of mind. Knowing that Clay’s betrayal would destroy the club and Opie, he plays along, and secretly begins to plot his reformation of the club and overthrow of Clay.

A New Threat Enters the Town

A new and more powerful group of Neo-Nazis enters the town to take on the Sons of Anarchy. Recruited by the brother of the deputy sheriff to remove the biker presence from his town, this group seeks to shut down all business with non-white people. They confront Clay at a welcome home party for a jailed and recently released member. In a tense standoff, the Arians demand that SAMCRO stop selling guns to the ethnic gangs and only sell to white people. However, Clay does not take kindly to threats, so he tells them that the Sons of Anarchy do what they want when they want, pull their guns, and tell them to leave.

A Possible Gang War is Started

In the end of the episode, after being dismissed and insulted by Clay, the Neo-Nazis take and assault Gemma (Clay’s wife and Jax’s mother). They tell her to get Clay to only sell guns to who they tell him to or they will assault her again. This could lead to an all out war between the Sons of Anarchy and the Neo-Nazis.

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