Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sons of Anarchy | Season Two | Episode Three Recap

Main Plot:
The White Supremacists have come to the town of Charming and they brought meth. More accurately, the leader of the White Supremacist who masks his agenda in a nice suit in his yet to be opened cigar shop has provided the funds to the local Nords; another white power group that has a history of cooking meth in and around Charming. The ‘No Drugs in Charming’ position of the SOA is in part why they are tolerated and some what praised in the town among the locals. The club then goes to work in nipping the meth problem in the bud, by first interrogating the dealer who set up shop out side of the town’s mill. After a short and painful encounter with the SOA the dealer tells them where the cook house is. In true form, the SOA assemble in a military style assault of the Nords’ Meth house, resulting in a bloodless encounter but ending in a boom.
Gemma and Clay: Gemma is still dealing with her rape. Tensions mount with Clay and Gemma. Because Clay is still unaware of the attack, he is beginning to lose his patience with Gemma, who he thinks is just shaken from a car accident.

Jax and Doctor Tera: Terra worries about about porn actress after Jax, and Gemma suggest a throw down to claim her territory. Instead, Terra just has her way with him in front of her in a public bathroom.

Opie: During the raid on the Nords’ Opie nearly blows himself up with the meth house in a risky manner of setting the charges. A similar thing happened during a firefight with the Mayans earlier in the season where Opie tried taking on the Mayans in a kind of kamikaze run at the other gang members.

The Adult Film Industry in Charming:
The newly acquired partnership between the SOA and a local adult film production company starts to get rocky when Clay gives one of his guys, Bobby A.K.A. Elvis (impersonator), the bookkeeper position for the production company. It turns out that Lou-Anne, owner of the production company has been keeping two books in order to keep the SOA from digging to deeply into her pockets. Bobby lets Luanne know that he is going to have to bring this up in a Club meeting and Luanne, the classy woman that she is, reminds Bobby, in hope of clemency, what her specialty was while she still worked in front of the camera… in the clearest way possible.
Note: The latest adult film to come out of the new partnership between the SOA and Luanne’s production company wrapped during this episode. The fictional adult film was a wink and a nod to a popular AMC show, Mad Men. During the shooting of this fictional adult film, one adult film actors addressing the other a Mr. Draper, along with the 50’s era set and costumes it was clearly referring to Mad Men.

The would-be Sheriff Hale and the White Supremacists: With lines being drawn between White Hate and the SOA in Charming the club concocts a plan to see where Deputy Sheriff Hale’s loyalties lie. Before the SOA blew up the meth house they gave the law a chance to do its job. Jax approached Deputy Hale and informed him of the meth house’s location asking him to check it out. If the Deputy did nothing then he is in concert with White Hate; if he raids the house then he is still uncompromised. Deputy Hale shows up at the cook house and has an informative confrontation with the Nord’s local leader (Skinner from the X-Files). The Skin-Man hands the Deputy a coupon for the grand opening of a new cigar shop opening in downtown Charming, the one owned by Ethan Zobelle (White Collar + White Hate = Ethan Zobelle). This is news to the Deputy and he has a meeting with Zobelle about the use of meth to increase his control over the town. In the end though, Deputy Hale becomes complicit and allows Zobelle to continue his meth venture in order to bring down the SOA once and for all. All that Hale did though is affirm to the SOA that he can not be trusted and is in concert with the White Supremacists.

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