Sunday, November 29, 2009

Overview and Highlights of Sons of Anarchy Season 2 Episode 12

Episode Overview

The SOA begin their plans to take down the White supremacists first by gathering all members and families to the club house, which they have turned into an impenetrable fortress, for their protection. Jax pits the White Supremacists against each other when he tells Weston (Zobelle’s right hand man) about Zobelles business deals with not-so-white- people. The SOA saves the IRA from the ATF, and carries out a master plan to kill Zobelle and wipe out the White Supremacists. With the Sons rearmed, they establish a deal with other rival to help them destroy the White Supremacists and the Mayans.

Episode Highlights

Club House Fortress

Surprising fact about the club house: it turns into a fortress against rival gangs, literally. SAMCRO rounds up their members and affiliates in their club house for protection as they get ready to cull the White Supremacists. Apparently, once they shut a very heavily barricaded gate, the club house turns into a fortress of the medieval kind.

Tara Finds Her Inner Thug

Finally realizing her status in the Sons of Anarchy, Tara chokes and breaks the nose of her hospital supervisor, who was ruining her career as a doctor, telling her she should back off because she knows where her family lives and where to find a few biker thugs for killing.

10 on 10 Fight To The Death

Doing the less practical but more SAMCRO style thing, Jax actually calls out a death match: 10 SAMCRO members against 10 White supremacists in a hand to hand combat fight to the death. Who does that? Of course, the Supremacists don’t intend to follow through on the challenge and bring guns instead, but with the help of a few gangs as back up, they get rid of the guns and have their brawl, but, sadly, nobody died in this so called death match. The SOA won, obviously, but what an event. All the main club members fought, including Clay; ears were bitten off.

Zobelle Almost Killed

With all of the SOA’s plans, they still did not pull off the culling. Zobelle narrowly escapes death by confessing to Drug possession to the police. It also produced an interesting situation as deputy hale has to stop the murders being planned by the SOA and the Sheriff.

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