Friday, November 13, 2009

Sons of Anarchy S02E10 "Balm" - Overview and Highlights

Jax has set in motion a vote to determine if he goes Nomad and leaves the club. Clay finds a source of bullets in a "Native American" community and helps them sell there shrooms in exchange for bullets, which first requires Half-sack and Tig to test them. Meanwhile, the SOA's resident Scotsman, Chibbs, is released from the hospital and, upon hearing of Jax's intention to leave the club, makes a visit to the IRA and their leader, who happens to have banished him from the IRA and stole his family in the past. Jax finds the absent club members to either get their vote or proxy them since leaving the club requires a unanimous vote from all members. Chibbs is approached by the ATF to have him to sell out the IRA, and he ultimately agrees in return for the down fall of his IRA enemy, the safety of his family in protective custody, and the ceasing of the ATF's surveillance of the SOA. Jax is given the go ahead to leave the SOA, but Gemma brings Jax and Clay back together by telling them about her assault by the white supremacists. Episode HighlightsShroom CrazyBefore the SOA can pass on the shrooms to the local sellers, some good testing must be done, and Half-sack and Tig are the volunteers. These aren't your common trippy shrooms. It's the good stuff, and that means they make you go shit crazy for the whole day sitting in a trance or literally wallowing in mud. Jimmy O and Chibbs The head of the IRA makes an interesting character for the show as a menacing character and source of back story between Chibbs and him. Apparently Chibbs was an IRA member back in the day and was banished by Jimmy O, who also took his family and loves to rub it in his face by talking about impure thoughts of his daughter. Chibbs ends up snitching to the ATF because of it. Clay and Jax Together AgainAs an ironic twist, the rape of Gemma that was meant to destroy SAMCRO actually saves it. Once Jax voted to leave the club, Gemma decides to talk about the deed to make him stay, and it works. Jax and Clay are now on the same side and probably about to kill, maim, and castrate the white supremacists.

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