Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sons of Anarchy Season 2 Episode 11 Runthrough

Episode Overview

Upon hearing of Gemma’s assault, Clay makes a visit to Jax for a mutual apology between the two, and are now reunited and set on destroying the White Supremacists together. The plan: kill them all. Both of them tell the other members of Gemma at a club meeting, and, although some of the members are all for cutting some heads off right away, Clay and Jax decide to play it smart this time. First, Clay needs to repair their relationship with the IRA so they weapons to take on their enemy, but before that can happen, all the members need to dip into their personal gun stalk. Gemma seduces Tig, which leads him to tell Opie of he and Clay’s mistaken murder of his wife. Opie, realizing that it was ATF Agent Stahl’s fault for setting him up, decides to follow her for some pay back. Along the way, he sees Chibs walk out of a meeting with her, in which he refused to sell out the IRA and be a rat. Opie finally confronts Agent Stahl only to show mercy and let her live. Meanwhile, as Jax tries to track Opie, he sees Zobelle (White Supremacist leader) dealing with a very Mexican gang, Mayans. Clay repairs the relationship with the IRA; Opie forgives Clay and Tig; Opie’s dad tries to shoot Clay; Chibs tells the truth about his dealings with the ATF and is also forgiven; the episode ends with Clay proving his love for Gemma by having some old-person lovin.

Episode Highlights

Big Reveals

It all happens in this episode. They’ve got it all. There have been some big secrets building in this season that are all revealed in this episode: Clay and Tig’s murder of Opie’s wife, Chibs’s dealings with the ATF, Gemma’s rape, Zobelle’s secret relationship with the Mayans. It was all out in the open, and it was fantastic. Gemma’s reveal started a chain reaction of truth that played flawlessly.

Unbelievable Clemency

If there was ever an episode that set this show apart from all others and cements itself as a show to watch, it’s this one. There is far more clemency in a show like this than any other of its kind, and it actually seems realistic in its own world. The Sons of Anarchy would probably be compared to the likes of The Sopranos and The Shield, but here is the difference: they actually forgive people in the Sons of Anarchy. In other shows, something like being a rat and killing someone’s wife means you die. Here, it’s a completely different situation. For all of their betrayals, murders, and attempted murders, everything was forgiven, and ironically cleansed the entire club. That is one unorthodox series.

The Reaction of the Club to Gemma’s Assault
Opie: “what do we do?”
Chibs: “we get bloody, and we chop their God damn heads off!”
Entire club: “YA!”

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