Thursday, November 12, 2009

Supernatural Fans and Their Fandom: Fringe Fans Versus Week-To-Week Fans... Anyone up for some LARPing?

It seems that Supernatural has cornered the market in fan oriented satirical content. The past few episodes have been centered around the fan fanatics, the one with the network competition and the newest revolving around an actual Supernatural convention. Why is this? Is it that the Supernatural fans demand more than other fans basis or is it that the creators of the show have the most hate towards its fans than any other fans in the history of television. It is well know that the fan fiction and the fans in general of Supernatural have a reputation of being sticklers for details and continuity.
There are a few sects of Supernatural fans. The fan fiction type fans that write about homoerotic intrigue involving Dean and Sam in some sort of incestuous man love scenario. The LARPers (Live Action Roll Playing) who dress up as Sam and Dean and pretend to solve mysteries together and the run of the mill fanatical fan who has the signature chest tattoo the two main characters bare, the one that is supposed to protect them from possession and all kinds of bullshit like that.
Why is it that the writers of Supernatural have such a ridiculous opinion about their shows fans? One might say it is all in good fun but what about the none ridiculous fans of the show the ones who don’t LARP and don’t fantasize about homoerotic interactions between Sam and Dean, the ones who just enjoy the simple pleasures of an X-Files-centric show brimming with paranormal fun? They seem to be lumped into the rest of the fans who just kind of watch week-to-week and avoid the whole extracurricular activities. Maybe the fringe fans are like the ones depicted in these episodes but not so much for everyone else. So, are you a fringe fan or just a week-to-week type of viewer?

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