Saturday, December 5, 2009

Enver Gjokaj A.K.A. Victor is the best actor on Dollhouse

Dollhouse has come back after a month long hiatus in November with back to back episodes. And these back to back episodes will continue for another two weeks. Over the short life of this FOX show few of the actors have shown any real aptitude for portraying multiple personalities/characters as the show sort of demands, as the main concept of the show is the taking on of different personalities at any given time. There is one exception to this cast of misfits lead by Eliza Dushku (who is the worst offender of them all, she could not act her way out of a paper bag, let’s be honest), and that actor is Enver Gjokaj. Who? The guy who plays Victor on Dollhouse, Enver Gjokaj even with his awful early attempts at a Russian accent in the first few episodes of the show, his ability to take on other characters really does demonstrate one thing, he is the most versatile and best suited actor in the Dollhouse. For example, in the episodes Belle Chose, The Public Eye and The Left Hand, Gjokaj showed that he could imitate other cast members pretty spot on. In Belle Chose he became one of Echo’s imprints (a fun loving party girl) imitating Dushku’s go-to-character on the show, not afraid to step into the realm of silly Gjokaj managed to pull of this gender/character switch. And again he displayed his acting chops with his almost unsettling impersonation of the character of Topher during the episodes The Public Eye and The Left Hand, where Victor is imprinted with the only other man Topher trusts, himself. Gjokaj impersonated Topher’s speech and mannerisms it bordered on creepy. That just goes to show you how he is the best actor on the show. You would not have seen Serra or one of the no name dolls who are always doing Yoga put in the position of acting like Topher, that is because they are just pretty people. Gjokaj can actually act. Don’t get me wrong there are some lovable characters on Dollhouse, but for a show about identity and the taking on of other personas there isn’t much in terms of diversity of character, that is what makes Gjokaj stand out among the other actors on Dollhouse. Even though this show is on its way out don’t be surprised if you see Gjokaj in another TV show or movie in no time at all.
If you want to see Enver Gjokaj in something else other than Dollhouse, check out Taking Chance. It is a made for TV movie staring Kevin Bacon, and it features Gjokaj as an Iraq veteran.


Chelsea said...

I agree that Enver is beyond amazing, but I think you should also give credit to Amy Acker and Alan Tudyk. They have pulled off some pretty amazing switches on the show as well. I mean, going from Stephen Kepler to scary-as-fuck serial killer in an instant, I already knew he was Alpha from spoilers and was still thrown. And the scene where Dr. Saunders was trying to seduce Topher was so incredible.

Chris said...

Although it seems to be a popular opinion these days on the net, I think you can hardly claim that Enver is really the only one on that show who can act, even if you limit this to those portraying the Dolls. I found Eliza Dushku portraying that mother who is after her child or that murdered establishment-lady very, very convincing, same with the turning-into-killing-machine by the actress playing November. And Alan Tudyk a misfit? C'mon!