Friday, December 4, 2009

Sons of Anarchy Season 2 Finale - Recap and Highlights

Episode Recap

Leading off from the last episode, Zobelle, his daughter, and Weston are in the town jail with SAMCRO perched outside in wait. Zobelle and his daughter are released for the drug possession because it turns out Zobelle is an FBI informant and untouchable because of it. This is explained by Agent Stahl to the Sheriff, who then inform SAMCRO and Weston. When Zobelle is released, he is given protection by the Mayans holds up in his cigar shop until it is time to catch his flight to safety from the Sons of Anarchy. However, Zobelle’s daughter goes to see her IRA boyfriend before she leaves, but finds him shot to death in his house, and then Gemma walks in and shoots her, and finds Agent Stahl, who shot the boyfriend during an operation to bring in his father. She then pins both murders on Gemma, who then flees town with the Sheriff. Jax kills Weston at a tatoo shop. Meanwhile, as Zobelle is being escorted out of town by the Mayans, SAMCRO ambushes them on the road, sending the Mayans away and Zobelle escaping to a near by ice cream shop to hide behind children as Clay waits for it clear out so he can kill him. Agent Stahls framing of Gemma has repercussions when the IRA father hears that Clays wife killed his son, as he follows Half-Sack back to Tara’s for revenge. He Stabs HAlf-Sack (killing him, probably) and steals Jax’s baby. When hearing of this, the entire club lets Zobelle go as they try to retrieve the baby, but they fail and the baby is stolen.

Episode Highlights

SAMCRO On The Steps And Car of The Police

Showing the type of relationship they have with the police and the type of people they are, the club literally sits outside the police station stalking their prey, Zobelle. they even go so far as to sit and walk all over the sheriff’s squad car as if to say, yes, we are above the law in this town. It’s a little thing they do in every episode, and the variations are becoming pretty entertaining.

It’s The Wild West Out Here

As the town they occupy seems to be a nexus of the universe where its another century where modern rules don‘t apply, there is a scene more reminiscent of westerns where the two biker gangs, the Sons of Anarchy and Mayans, line up their bikes across from each other in a standoff. the Deputy Chief very aptly describes the situation by saying, “It’s the wild west out here”. This show is becoming more Deadwood in style.

Intersecting Murders Between Stahl and Gemma

Agent Stahl’s framing of Gemma looks to be a focal point of next season. Stahl shot an unarmed man in custody and happily pinned it on Gemma. Kind of ironic since Gemma decided to kill Zobelle’s daughter because she went jesus crazy and thought God wanted her to do it, but she ended up getting framed, going on the lamb, and causing the death of Half-Sack and the kidnapping of Jax’s baby.

Road Ambush

This is one of the craziest scenes of the entire series. You’re wondering if their going to pull a terminator when they holster their shotguns to their motorcycles and ride off after the Mayan convoy. Well they don’t, but they still do something equally good. They drive a truck in front of the Mayans, pop out the back, and shoot them off their bikes with a hail of glorious shotgun fire.

Babynapped Irish Style

Damn Irish! It did seem a little over the top even for this show, but you have got to respect the style in which the kidnapping is done. Apparently, the IRA like to go the extreme route of kidnapping. Step one: plan to stab the baby. step two: stab someone else and decide to steel the baby raise as your own. Step three: escape with the baby as killer bikers chase you by finding the nearest speed boat, placing the baby on a pile of rope (because there‘s nothing safer than ran unfastened baby on a speed boat), and drive away. Well, its an imperfect plan, but the execution was perfect.

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