Sunday, December 6, 2009

Steven Seagal | And His New A&E Show Lawman Overview

A television show with a concept that is so crazy sounding it may actually work.
What if someone was to tell you that Steven Seagal, the Aikido master of action films gone by, had got his own reality show based on his secret life as a town Sheriff? Well, that is exactly what is happening with Seagal’s new A&E show entitled Lawman. In the opening credits the aged action star goes on telling the story of how he became a deputy sheriff and that he chose to keep this fact on the down low for the twenty years he has been doing it. That is right Seagal has been training cops and going on patrol for two decades, all the while making movies like Glitter Man. The show itself is shot not unlike Cops, with camera crews taking up the back seats of the police cars that Seagal and his crew of equally old cops drive around in. The best parts of the show are made great because they are either completely unbelievable or completely surreal. For example, Seagal is a master marksmen, (that’s right he is actually a master marksmen) and in an episode helps one of his fellow cop’s pass his firearms readiness test with a little Zen tutelage a la Steven Seagal. As well, the narration provided by Seagal where he makes claims that his Marshal Arts training has made him a living weapon of sorts and that he can tell what an assailant is going to do before he or she even does it. Any little thing can tip off his highly attuned senses. And whenever that happens in the show the camera will cut to that shift of the foot, glance of the eyes or ask of an autograph. Seagal is an imposing figure standing a whopping 6’ 4”, though he is not exactly in the best shape of his life (he is in his late 50s). Lawman is made very entertaining by the surreal nature of the show, you are watching a man who has been playing a cop for years, as an actual cop busting actual criminals. This show is the best thing Seagal has done since Under Siege.

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