Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cancel Family Guy

It has become apparent that Family Guy should end its run before it gets any worse, and take the Cleveland Show with it. While Family Guy was resurrected from the ashes and brought back to television, it seems that there wasn’t much life in it after all. Family Guy was originally a darkly funny, clever cartoon which was very funny, but it has moved from darkly funny to just weird, crude, mean, and kind of lowbrow. Maybe this is because Seth McFarlane is stretched too thin with three shows, but the effort isn’t there anymore. Some episodes seem like his mouth piece to say terrible things that he couldn’t get away with otherwise. The other episodes are just dirty, and not funny dirty, awkward dirty. It’s seen its best days and the writers should drop it so they can focus on the much superior American Dad, which has kept up the quality and is actually coherent. American Dad surpassed Family Guy a long time ago, and they should focus their attentions on it before the problems of Family Guy migrate to American Dad.

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Rosey said...

I couldn't agree more. Never got the appeal of Family Guy. I do like American Dad. Watched the first ep. of the Cleveland Show and thought it was stupid.