Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lost Fans - The Three Types

Lost: The Complete Sixth And Final SeasonMost people are or know fans of the TV show Lost. It has been the subject of so much water cooler talk it has taken on some of the substances, characteristics, in that you can enjoy it three different ways (vapor, ice, liquid), freaky right? Well, no. It’s an odd observation, not unlike those made by people who watch lost.

Lost is coming to a close soon and those who watch it need to realize that the whole story is about to be told. All of the theories put to rest once and for all and the conclusion of the series is at hand. But before we find out why the statue foot on the beach only has four toes it is time to take a look at yourself and ask: what type of Lost fan was I? The three different ways you can view yourselves are as a gawker, a theorist or a worshiper. A Lost gawker has watched periodically over the past six years to see what all of the talk is about. Less concerned with what is happening in the show itself the gawker looks for elements to make fun of and then banks them in hopes of pulling them out the next time he/she is faced with a Lost-centric conversation. They are the ones who usually say something smarmy and about dinosaurs or polar bears being on the island or more presently about the confusion over time travel and how the show has spun into a sort of Twilight Zone.

But then there are the theorists who only watch the show in order to create far reaching theories about what is actually happening on the show week to week and season to season. They have the tendency to bring up aspects of the show which most can’t remember in order to further their theories agenda. The underlining reason why these theorists theorize is to illustrate just how clever they are and you are not. The more all encompassing and complex your Lost theory is, the more you sound clever, but in reality the more you try to make it sound like you came up with this masterful reason behind whether the hatch really needed its button pressed every so often only reveals just how long you have been trying to work it out and that you could be Lost crazed. Finally there are the worshipers who believe in the opaque nature of the show is warranted and has no affect on their desire to watch the show. They look at the theorists as potential spoilers of the weekly dose of mystery island and prefer to not think too much on the intricacies of Lost. Never look a worshiper directly in the eyes when speaking about Lost otherwise you will witness the look of utter devotion in their eyes that is usually reserved for cult member and people who believe angels speak to them through house hold appliances. There are different variations of the three types of Lost fans but they all find their roots within these distinct characteristics outlined above.

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