Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Futurama is Back! A Sneak Peak At Season 6

Futurama: The Complete Collection"Good News, Everyone!”

The long canceled cartoon has been resurrected on the Comedy Network. After a number of straight to DVD movies the show has returned to the silver screen for its sixth season and it is still funny. The season is set to kick of June 24th with two back-to-back episodes called Rebirth and the other In-a-Gadda-Da-Leela. After seeing a sneak preview of both episodes today I can say with confidence that both episodes are hilarious.

“Kiss My Shiny Medal Ass!”
Rebirth restarts the series as the entire cast of the show, lest the professor, have lost all but their heads and are reborn via one of the professor’s masterful science experiments. Each member of the crew (or what is left of them) is dumped into a vat of stem cells and then squeezed out of a sphincter looking outlet on the side of the vat. When Leela fails to wake up from her rebirth and will not respond to the very scientific poking stick of the professor, Fry is sent into a serious state and can only be consoled by a Robo-Leela. After that, the craziness ensues Futurama style. Highlights from this episode are: the rebirth sphincter, the professor’s explanation of where he got the stem cells for the rebirth vat, when the professor slaps Amy on the ass after she says she is “baby smooth” and of course the Cyclo-pod the endangered monster that only eats Cyclopes’.

“Captin Zapp Brannigan…need I say more”
In-a-Gadda-Da-Leela is a Zapp Brannigan heavy episode. It begins with a black and white dream sequence in which Zapp is saving the day and at the end a Leela-like woman falls into his arms. The entire episode revolves around a similar storyline from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, in which a probe returns to earth named V-GINY (HaHa!) and the only way it can be stopped is if Leela and Zapp take a stealth ship within the probe in order to destroy it! The episode is peppered with dream sequences from the mind of Zapp Brannigan, as well as an interesting/hilarious turn behind the purpose of the Death Star like probe is revealed. Highlights from this episode were, Zapp’s instance on Leela sitting on his lap during their mission into the Death Star; Zapp’s diabolical attempt to sleep with Leela and Amy suggesting an orgy after everyone learns the world is going to end. That was priceless.
Futurama, Vol. 2
“I need ass to mouth resuscitation”
The style and humor of these episodes are classic Futurama and if these episodes are any indication of things to come, the rest of the season will be well worth the wait.

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