Thursday, August 19, 2010

What You Want to See in Smallville But Don’t.

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  1. Fist through face.
  2. Clark wins an argument.
  3. A decent finale.
  4. A good Justice League episode.
  5. Batman.
  6. Green Lantern.
  7. Wonder Woman.
  8. A Good Bazaaro Superman.
  9. Lex Luther Returns As President of the U.S.A.
  10. Cara shows up and tells Clark that they are not cousins this is good news for Clark because Cara is so much hotter than Lois and he has always had more chemistry with her than Lois or Lana. What actually is going on is Brainiac has been revived and has retaken the form of Clark’s cousin in order to seduce The Man of Steel with the promise of a future for the Kryptonians race but really only wants some super seed in order to create a super villain.
  11. The Green Arrow is killed in a fishing accident and fittingly uninteresting end to a boring character.
  12. Chloe is eaten by a gutter rat empowered by kryptonite which then takes her place at watch tower but no one notices.
  13. Martian man hunter takes over watch tower after they find that Chloe is a gutter rat in disguise.
  14. Vicky Vail arrives in town at the Daily Planet gets drunk and throws herself at Clark. This pisses off Bruce Wayne who is an angrier version of Oliver Quinn with ninja skills and does not fight crime but does beat up people while wearing a balaclava. Wayne looks into Clark and finds that he is an alien with a league of super powered humans at his command. 
  15. Brainiac returns to eat Chloe’s gutter rat replacement to piss off Superman this after the man of steel placed the powerful gutter rat with the rest of his alien specimens in the Fortress of Solitude.

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