Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Event Season 1 Episode 2, To Keep Us Safe

The people being held by the government are aliens and that’s not surprising. What was surprising was this episode was much more enjoyable than the first. In the pilot episode they exaggerated the story to the point where it was frustrating. Moving back and forth through time was annoying, but they have changed the style this time. There are considerably less flashbacks and they are actually quite revealing. Instead of making the episode puzzling they made the overarching story a puzzle, which is much more immersive for the viewer. Maybe the first episode seemed so terrible because it was stepping stone for the series. They presented the questions but no answers in the pilot. In the second they answered the question from the pilot and presented new questions, and they very interesting, especial the answer to what happened to Jason Ritter’s girlfriend and the fact that he is wanted for murder. This might be what to expect for the whole series. If the show continues like this, The Event may turn out to be a decent series.

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