Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Freshman Shows Watch List: Week 3

Most TV Shows have a period during the first season where they’re working out the kinks, and they don’t always pull it off, but when they do it’s great. So, we’re going to watch some freshman shows, watch their progress, and spot that moment when they finally get awesome, or become unwatchable. Week Three: The Event and Chase. 

The Event

The Plot:
The president is going to tell the public about “The Event”, but some people want to stop this and at expense of a couple on vacation.

Episode Thoughts:
If they wanted this show to provoke guesses about what the mysterious “Event” is, they succeed. Some guesses made: aliens, they have superpowers, there’s an underwater city, mermaids, wormholes or holes with worms in them. You cannot help but discuss wild outcomes to pass the time because this show is unnecessarily slow. If the series follows the style of the pilot, expect fractured timelines in the story. It jumps to the future, past and present constantly to create suspense and mystery. It both annoys and drags out a 30 minute story to a full hour. In the end “The Event” turned out to be me being robbed of my time.


The Pilot:
U.S. Marshals are hunting bad guys and fighting them with mixed marshal arts like an updated version of Walker Texas Ranger.
 Episode Thoughts: 
This is the first and last article on this show, because we’ve had enough. Chase was shit! The dialogue was shitty and the story was boring. If this show makes it, it will be due to the looks of the female lead character and that dude who played a whory pool boy on Desperate Housewives. In comparison to the other show currently on television about U.S. Marshals – Justified, Chase doesn’t even come close; mainly because none of the characters have a signature cowboy hat and swagger. The only desirable characteristics that the Marshals have, is that they make a point not to tuck in their shirts. Yeah these assholes are “going rouge” all over the place, untucked shirts and cliché riddled dialogue. Chase is in no need of being caught.      

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