Friday, September 24, 2010

Freshman Shows Watch List: Week 3.5

Most TV Shows have a period during the first season where they’re working out the kinks, and they don’t always pull it off, but when they do it’s great. So, we’re going to watch some freshman shows, watch their progress, and spot that moment when they finally get awesome, or become unwatchable. Week 3.5: Outsourced, Running Wilde and Shit My Dad Says.

 A network comedy series that forgoes a laugh, track is a victory in my book. I don't need to be told when to laugh "Two and A Half Men"!!! There was very little to laugh about though, the best parts of dialogue came during a conversation between Dempsy’s character and another relocated American about how many days in a row you will shit yourself after eating a portion of local food. The magic number was five by-the-by.

"Running Wilde"
Will Arnett’s new show is silly fun with its ridiculous set of characters and top notch performances by its leads. Except for Keri Russell who is the odd ball out among the cast and can’t seem to pull off her part. Perhaps none of the shows dialogue is funny Will Arnett’s presents just fills the screen with his funny being.

 "Shit My Dad Says"
Total garbage! Not funny or original, this laugh track fill sack of shit is not worth anyone’s time. How far you have fallen Kirk, it’s almost as if you are “buried alive… alive.”

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