Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Series Watch: Nikita, Terriers Season 1 Episode 3

Most TV Shows have a period during the first season where they’re working out the kinks, and they don’t always pull it off, but when they do it’s great. So, we’re going to watch some freshman shows, watch their progress, and spot that moment when they finally get awesome, or become unwatchable.

Nikita (CW) – Episode 3, Kill Jill

First of all, this is the best episode so far in the series (still sucks though), but only because they finally gave Nikita somebody to talk to aside from a disembodied computer voice. She had a reporter to protect for the duration. Why doesn’t she interact more? She spent the last two episodes talking to herself and stroking her guns before she finished the episodes with a gun fight. You cannot be invested in a character unless they interact with other characters. There is yet another confrontation between Nikita and Michael at the end of the episode. The fighting between two people that won’t hurt each other is getting tiresome. Get someone else to hunt Nikita so Michael can train recruits like he did in the movie and get the story moving.

Terriers (FX) – Episode 3, Change Partners

Episode Plot
Hank and Britt must find evidence of a wife’s infidelity so her husband will approve Hank’s house loan. Meanwhile, Britt runs into a friend from his old robbery days who is harassing him and his girlfriend into getting back in the game.

Episode Thoughts
This episode stepped up its fun level with the silliest episode yet, although does turn quite dark at the end. Hank’s obsession with his ex-wife and their house is playing a major role in the series and it takes a funny turn when he attempts to ruin her new fiancé’s reputation by putting an escort service on his credit card. They’re not exactly defenders of the weak in this episode, more like defenders of themselves, with hank manipulating a fragile man into giving him a loan and Britt framing a guy for robbery to protect himself. Hank’s self-destruction has begun, which seems interesting. There was a deeper focus on character development. His relationship with his ex-wife seems too similar to Rescue Me though. It can’t be said if this episode was better than the last, but it was definitely different from the rest.

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