Monday, September 27, 2010

"Supernatural" Starts Season 6 with a Whimper

After the season 5 finally, where Sam is sucked into hell with his half-brother while both of them were possessed, Dean ends the show by settled down in suburbia. In the season 6 premiere Dean is not hunting monsters anymore and he lives in one of those boxes on the hillside, you know the ones made out of ticky tacky. The guy who saved the world (with a little help from his 67’ Impala) is now a construction worker living a normal life doing normal things, and has been for a whole year. That is until his life is disrupted and he begins to think that something otherworldly is stalking him in his new life, this all turns out to be the doing of a Jin (a mystical creature similar to a genie).  The Jin’s touch acts as poison that that makes the things you long for the most appear to be real. Meanwhile the Jin drains you of your life force.  Sam pops in mid way through the show in order to save dean from the Jin poison and tells Dean that he has been back from Hell for a year and he also found their maternal grandfather (played by Mitch Pileggi) who hasn’t aged a day since Yelloweyes possessed/killed him back in the 70s. Other tagalongs were distant cousins of the Winchester brothers who are also hunters. You might be thinking who cares? Well after that episode so was I.

The odd thing about this episode was that it didn’t feel like an episode of Supernatural. The pace of the show was off and didn’t seem like something we would have seen in any of the pervious seasons. It could have been the whole grandpa and cousin thing. These new characters took away from the brother dynamic that the show has become known for. Perhaps this is the post-Kripke Supernatural. Kripke was the show runner for the past five years has taken a backseat for season 6 allowing someone else to take the reins. This is the issue, will the post-Kripke Supernatural be as good as it once was. If we go by the first episode of the season as any indication then the answer is sadly no.

Predictions for Season 6 of Supernatural

  • Grandpa and the cousins are evil and use supernatural beings to extend their own lives and gain powers.
  • Sam is the new Devil and is raising an army on Earth to become the master of both worlds.
  • Dean will kill his surrogate family… with boredom.
  • The Impala will begin to speak to Dean in a sexy voice demanding that he “take a ride on the wild side”, Lou Reed style.   

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