Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This Fall The League Is The Funniest Show On Television

Most people know about a few FX network comedies like Archer or It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia but then there is The League.  It’s Always Sunny used to take the cake when it came to over the top comedy. A brand of comedy that is generally reserved for South Park type shows, where “the funny” comes from the depths the characters are willing to take a certain ideal or argument. This is no longer the case, It’s Always Sunny has had a poor start for its 6th season and it really feels as though the whole cast is just phoning it in, but if you watch The League your appetite for laughter to the point of pissed pants will be sated.

The second season of The League introduced a very funny character. He may not be everyone’s cup of tea but for some people his brand of vulgar outbursts and his misfit social behavior is incredibly entertaining. Enter Rafi or otherwise know as El Cuñado. Rafi is the brother-in-law to the different but equally despicable character of Ruxin the league member who brought El Cuñado into the fold. El Cuñado’s interacions with the other league members have been, by far, the funniest part of the new season. El Cuñado is either one of those guys who just tries to hard to be like and comes off as a freak or is just a freak. He will blur out comments like “Let’s all get the same girl pregnant tonight!” and then go on to talk about how you can just “shit out the booze” if you are DD a half hour before it is time to leave the party. It’s more than just stupid funny shit that El Cuñado does and says, some of what he says is down right shocking.

Another aspect of the show which makes it incredibly entertaining, are all the running jokes. In the last episode entitled “The Kluneberg” the running jokes were: about sex addiction and whether it is a real disease or just an excuse for guys to bang as many women as they want; the medicinal affects of a toilet seat made from cocaine and a painting of a “dick bird” raping “ass mountain”. As it turns out sex addiction is a real thing, as was demonstrated when the sex addict friend of one of the league members finds that one of his “triggers” is cocaine in the beards of men, more specifically Rafi’s beard. That’s right the episode ends with a shot of Rafi coked out of his mind taking it from behind in the back of a SUV, scream out “some things you can’t unsee!”.  It also appears that long term use of a cocaine toilet seat is a no no within the league even if you are crazy productive. As for the raping of “ass mountain” by “dick bird”, Rafi in a cocaine fueled burst of energy separates the “dick bird” from “ass mountain” in a permanent way, by fisting both.

Now this all may seem juvenile but the laughs are there in spades and continue to be. The second season of The League is measuring up to be one of the funniest of the fall TV season.          

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