Monday, December 6, 2010

Sy-Fy's Being Human Trailer -- Charm Doesn't Translate Across The Pond

Being Human was a U.K. show that cashed in on the whole Vampire, Werewolf craze created by Twilight. People couldn't get enough of fangs and fur and this show with a relatively unknown cast and thoughtful storytelling managed not only to make movies like Twilight look like a bag of shit but it also delivered a memorable television experience. Now that Sy-Fy has taken on Being Human (instead of just re-airing the original series in the U.S.) given it a new cast and, from the looks of this trailer, turned it into shit. I defer to something I wrote about the whole issue regarding BBC/U.K. shows being redone over here and I stand by what I said.
So, click here.

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