Friday, March 11, 2011

Michael Chiklis and Conan O'Brian Team Up For "Vince Uncensored"!

No Ordinary MarriageCurrent star of "No Ordinary Family" Michael Chiklis has signed on to a new series which is being co-produced by Conan O'Brian and Warner Brothers. The new show will follow a guy during a mid-life crisis, that guy being Chiklis. Hopefully, they will let the former captain of bassassery (we are talking of course about Chiklis's role on the The Shield) bear his teeth once again as a shit talking piss pot in a Vic Mackey centric character. All this might mean that that the former “The Shield” actor’s current series “No Ordinary Family” will not be seeing a second season. “No Ordinary Family” is a family friendly show, with easy to digest storylines for people who like uncomplicated shows that you can relax while watching. It began its run in fall of 2010 with a simple enough premise: after a plane crash in a remote body of water, the entire Powell family is endowed with superhuman powers.  For some fans of Michael Chiklis, seeing him in the role of Jim Powell would have made them cry: no Vic Mackey, you are not allowed to be in this show! During the first few episodes of “No Ordinary Family” when the Powell’s were just discovering their powers, Jim Powell realizes that he has super strength.  The imagination of any “The Shield” fan would have created a scenario where Jim Powell starts to Vic-Mackey-it-up using his new abilities to strong arm enemies and pitilessly tear criminals in half with his bear hands. But that was not the audience “No Ordinary Family” was hoping to attract.  Although the show was fun for the whole family to watch, it never exactly captured peoples imagination like the first season of “Heroes” did for so many television viewers. The fate of “No Ordinary Family” is still unknown, but its recent ratings dip may indicate cancelation in its near future.   But No Ordinary Family sucked, so no loss there. 

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