Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Top Cult TV Shows To Rewatch

Everyone has a list of the best shows to watch, but they are of no help if you have already seen them and they were only enjoyable the first time around. That only leaves the shows that are fun to watch again. Here is a list of some TV series that have not lost their entertainment value the second time around.


Louie is one of those rare shows that pushes vulgarity so far and so well that it becomes an art form. The show is split into random snippets of Louie’s hilariously depressing life and his stand up routine, but Seinfeld it is not. The comedy is so textured in its obscenity that multiple viewings never seem to lessen the experience. Whether it be an implied rape by his overly comforting dentist or his fantasies that seem, for Louie, to involve a bag of dicks, this is definitely a piece of work worth seeing again.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

The series follows a gang of reprehensible people who run a Philadelphia bar and should not be allowed in public. There increasingly sociopathic antics have been providing much needed entertainment for many seasons now. Among the things that make the show is Charlie, the dyslexic, possibly illiterate rat bashing hobbyist with a glue huffing addiction.  The latest and most extreme addition to the show would  be Fat Mac, the normally fit Mac put on some pounds in the latest season and became the main focus of ridicule and laughs. Antics like these make it fun to watch every time.    


The continuing adventures of the planet express crew returns for more intergalactic trouble. If you can’t abide the few episodes aired on the comedy network, there are still plenty of seasons worth another watch. The content was better back on fox. Playing on the vast material given by the world of sci-fi, Futurama spoofs and alludes its way to hilarity, and those well timed Bender-isms never get old. 

Stargate Universe

The grittier cousin of Stargate SG1, SGU had a short 2 season run before being cancelled, leaving television void of real sci-fi ever since. The series played with much heavier sci-fi situations than its  Stargate predecessors. The marooned misfit crew of the ancient ship Destiny live in a more surreal situation than usually seen, such as body swapping across universes with little thought for what they do in others bodies.  It is the retro sci-fi with a Blade runner sound track and 2001 Space Odyssey visuals. The ambiance and surprisingly well developed characters, especially Greer, make this a very enduring watch.


Foul mouthed, mommy issues, and a licence to kill define Archer Sterling, the top not so secret spy of the Isis organization. A terrorist threat is merely an excuse to live out a Burt Reynolds movie fantasy but extremely raunchy and offensive. Archer has made seminal episodes, including adventures with Duchess Von Finger Bang, a Russian made bionic man arch nemesis and crazed astronauts bent on populating mars.  It always pleases that when the terrorists attack Archer will be banging chicks and shooting dicks.

The X-Files

Before the Winchester brothers, there was Mulder and Scully, the original paranormal investigators. This 90s series stands the test of time for its alien/paranormal investigations. Before David Dechovney became the lecherous Hank Moodie in Californication, he was the conspiracy theorist, porn addicted FBI agent we all know and love. Enjoy the alien abductions, human organ eaters, and inbred hillbilly murderers all over again.    

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The cult series has remained a favorite among Joss Whedon fans over the years. Firefly showed some promise. Dollhouse, while interesting, was far too disordered and character free to watch again. Buffy the Vampire Slayer was always well liked for its witty dialogue and character. What makes it enjoyable to watch again are the jokes you are not likely to remember or did not get the first time around because they were so fast and subtle.  

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