Monday, February 8, 2010

Absolute Justice - Smallville Crosses The Line

Did anybody see the two hour special of Smalllville? It was a bit of a letdown, wasn’t it. Some people probably got a little excited when it was announced that Smallville would have a mini movie this season about the Justice League, or the older Justice League (which turned out to be the “Justice Society of America” or the J.S.A. for short). But it was somewhat disappointing in the end. There wasn’t any extra money put into it, so no great fights or special effects. There was probably less happening in this mini movie than in most one hour episodes. And the villain wasn’t exactly inspired. Having just one villain would be fine in a movie about bringing a team of superheroes together, but this guy was insulting to the viewers intelligence even when you don’t take show seriously. When the villain is a not so powerful short guy that throws icicles at people while dropping silly evil villain puns (let’s not forget the face glitter), it’s difficult to buy that he is the guy they can only take out together! This isn’t to say it was bad, just not as it should be.

Their real issue is the line they crossed. If the show does get a 10th season, it would not be good if they keep going in this direction. It had the feel, look and dialogue of a Saturday morning cartoon from 20 years ago. Wow, that’s campy. When they had the terrible idea to bring in Hawkman with his ridiculous costume, they crossed the line from an adult show about superheroes to power ranger territory. Granted, it’s difficult not to make these people look silly, but a guy with giant fake wings walking around is just too much. It’s a bit of a step backwards considering the serious, dark tone the show has been going for lately, which was working for it.

This was probably just a onetime thing, or maybe this is the beginning of a spinoff. Who knows? Smallville is still good though, and it was light on the transgressions and didn’t do anything you wouldn’t expect from the show. It’s still a much better show in its 9th season and better than it’s ever been, so we’ll let this one slide. But we will end with a warning to Smallville: don’t you dare go power ranger on us!

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