Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Hasselhoffs Reality Series: Hoff-Vertising Gone Wrong

“The Hasselhoffs” is set to air on December 5th and if it’s as good as its advertising campaign then there is something to worry about. Previews have been released of the reality series featuring David Hasselhoff as he helps his daughters build their singing careers, which is a premise I personally dislike. Hasselhoff singing is not without its charm, but Hasselhoff becoming a real life guard or crime fighter would be pure entertainment. If the series happens to be a failure, let’s not blame Hasselhoff but rather the people in charge advertising, because the latest ads do a fantastic job at creating disinterest...unimaginatively. Like this one with Baby-Hoff. It’s strange, it doesn’t explain what the show is about, and it’s a bit confusing. The tagline is “Some People Are Born Awesome”, but he’s not born in the scene.

Then there’s this clip. It says I’m the high point of the season and not even that good.

Why couldn’t they give his show as much attention as another reality series that premiere the same time last year, such as Steven Seagal: Lawman? Maybe this is proof that Steven Seagal is more important Hasslehoff, if anyone gets into that argument. Seagal’s ads raised interest while Hasslhoff’s invoked confusion. In any case, based on what we have seen from “The Hasslhoffs” there is nothing that lures viewers to watch it.

Good job, ad men. Consider me disinterested.

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