Sunday, November 28, 2010

Holliday Gift Guide: Top 10 Complete TV Series For TV Nuts

TV Box Sets are great gifts for the TV buff, but why get one season when there is a whole series. It’s incomplete, and if they like the show they have to buy the other seasons and that’s more expensive, and kind of cruel. Why not go all out and get the entire series, if it is available and out there right now. With that spirit of giving in mind, here is a list of the top 10 complete series available to purchase right now. Why aggravate loved ones with only a part of a TV season?

1. Deadwood

Deadwood happens to be one the most insane series in history; it must be seen. It may win the prize for the most vulgar show ever made. Watch the main character Al Swerengen cuss at people in the most creative ways possible and see Timothy Olyphant play the character that was so good he essentially reprised it in Justified.

2. Rome

Cancelled before its time due to the insane cost of production, it has amazing sets and battles. It recounts the rise and fall of Caesar through the lives of two roman soldiers. There are only two seasons but they are some of the best television seasons to date. The storytelling is excellent and the characters are as charming and interesting as they come.

3. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

The un-debatable superior to all other Joss Whedon shows and that’s proven with its success, Buffy The Vampire Slayer enjoyed seven seasons filled with evil fighting, word play jokes and most importantly saving the world. It’s not an opinion that this series is well loved and is enduringly entertaining.

4. The Wire

You just can’t watch one season and not watch the rest. Sacrilege! As one of the most complex television series, it has lasting payoff that can only be gotten from watching the entire series, or maybe just the first three, but still. The series has such memorable and fleshed out characters that the actors who played them are practically now typecast forever. That means you Bubbles!

5. Lost

It’s a TV phenomenon, it is insanely satisfying to watch such a drawn out show all at once, and the box set comes with backgammon.

6. Freaks and Geeks

The dramedy about teen angst played out amongst a group of high school social outcasts. It is Judd Appatow’s television debut and has all the elements that have make his films popular today. Not to mention most of the stars as well.

7. Battlestar Galactica

A vast improvement on a 70’s sci-fi series, Battlestar Galactica produced in its 4 seasons produced stories which rivalled, if not surpassed non sci-fi series in storytelling and characters. And now you can watch this action packed series (but not really that actiony in the last season) in high quality surround sound many times, because it is a very re-watchable series.

8. Arrested Development

Being the funniest comedy to come out of network television in the last decade makes Arrested Development a great pick for any occasion. It had a short run with 3 seasons, but although the series was on the edge of cancellation for its entire run, it never ran out the clock and every episode was hilarious.

9. The Shield

Critically acclaimed but slightly forgotten in its later years, The Shield is a solid series that never lost it touch in the 7 seasons it aired. It is now the template for gritty police drama’s, although most still lack the quality of The Shield delivered. Michael Chicklis is neutered in No Ordinary family, but that was not the case in The Shield as Vick Mackey, the dirty cop and head of the police strike force in California.

10. 24

You could watch 8 days of the epically unkillable Jack Bauer as he kicks, shoots, stabs and tortures hundreds of terrorists and people he doesn’t like “for America’s sake”.

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