Thursday, November 18, 2010

“Sons of Anarchy” Season 3 Not Yet as Good as Season 2

Sons of Anarchy: Season TwoIt’s hard to say that the “Sons of Anarchy’s” third season isn’t good, when it is, just not as good as season 2. For those of you who haven’t been following the show for the past two years, season 2 was epic. The town the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club Charming, is set in has come under attack by a white hate group who used tactics that ranges from firebombing buildings to rape and even a fine cigar store in trying to take over the small California town. Season two of the “SOA” was the best thing on television while it aired and maybe even for that whole season in general.
The anticipation for season 3 of the show was certainly higher among the devoted fans and people looking to get in on this new show described by some as “Hamlet” with motorcycles.  “The Tragedy of Jax, Prince of Charming” played out at a relentless pace throughout the second season. Every character grew in depth and the way the show ended the overall story arc for that season was fantastic. So going into season 3 there were very high expectations, but it is hard to top an evil group of white supremacists with the extras from “Brave Heart.” And that is exactly where the third season took us to the “SOA’s” Dublin chapter, the hub for the club’s gun trafficking and the location of Jax’s kidnapped son Able.
Even though it was interesting to see the Sons put on their in country attire, which looks an awful lot like something you will be able to buy from the shows online store, the storyline lacked the gravity of season two. There were a number of secrets in season 2 that kept the intrigue alive. What is happening in season 3 seems to be more transparent to all of the characters on screen. But there is one thing that could turn the third season of the “Sons of Anarchy” around and make for a powerhouse of a season ender.
There is still one secret that could come out that will change the hugging, loving relationship Jax has with his mother Gemma and step father Clay, the president of the “SOA.” That is, what happened to John Teller, Jax’s father? It was always implied in earlier episodes that Clay had something to do with John Teller’s death and if it turns out that Clay was the one that killed John, Jax will kill Clay. He has too. If that is what this season was leading up to as a season finale then it will be hard to wait another year for season 4.        

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