Monday, November 29, 2010

"Strange Days with Bob Saget" Premiere Episode Review

In the Premiere episode of Strange Days with Bob Saget, we find Bob riding with the Iron Order motorcycle club. Sadly, Bob is not the obscene comedian he is famous for being. It would have been brave to have him speak candidly while amongst a comedian’s easy prey, but he is actually quite civil with his biker companions. It shouldn’t really be surprising that Saget can hold back and be family friendly. He has spent most of his career doing just that. But why have him host the show if he doesn’t offers something a little different.

However, you can tell that his lower instincts are bubbling at the surface and just waiting to explode when he encounters some hard to not make fun of people, possibly the Bigfoot hunters. The Iron Order MC aren’t exactly the Sons of Anarchy, so I’m disillusioned. Anyone who is ruined by TV would expect something seedier out of a MC. The club is self described as law abiding and more known for drinking parties, though the way the show depicted them in a generous manner. The show is pretty light, just like any reality series of this kind. There is really nothing negative that can be said about Strange Days with Bob Saget. It delivers what it promises, but there is still room for improvement.

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