Monday, December 27, 2010

Californication Season 4 Premiere Spoilers

The Season 4 Premiere of Californication is on the 9th of January but like most premieres these days they have been put out for viewing for the TV critics to digest. The last season left all of the fans of the show wondering: what great book will Hank Moody write while he is in prison? Well, the beating that Hank threw Mia's manager in the pool was not enough to keep this lovable scamp behind bars. In the season premiere Hank emerges from lockup to find his good friend Charlie with a cigarette, bottle of booze and a big man hug waiting for him.

Thinks are looking bleak for Hank this season on the family front. Karen will not speak to him and Hank's daughter (who is currently the same age Mia was when Hank laid her)   is not in her good books. Hank has taken up residents in Charlie and Marcy's house, because he is not getting back into his own any time soon.

There are some positives and negatives to come from the truth about Hank and Mia's brief sexual encounter. Hank has been given credit for writing Fucking and Punching and has been asked to write the screen adaptation. This is positive. The negative comes with Hank being the new Roman Polanski in Hollywood and is being charged with sex with a minor and might just end right back in jail like most of us thought was going to happen after the credits rolled in last season's finale.

Another new but less interesting development this season is that Marcy may or may not be pregnant.

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